Personal: St. Augustine


GIRLS ROAD TRIP, need I say more?  I recently went on a road trip with by BF’s along the Florida coast to St. Augustine, our first stop.  The Historic Downtown area is full of local boutiques and fun places to eat.  We ran across a Scarlett O’Hara’s Restaurant next to a Rhett’s Piano Bar and Brasserie.  We are apparently getting closer to The South at this point.  More to come of this trip, with the next stop in Savannah, GA…





Our first stop, Castillo San Marco

I love rustic old doors and locks.  Photo of me taken by my BF Samantha…Sam remind me to wear some lipstick next time!

This amazing dome ceiling can be found at Flagler College.  It used to be Hotel Ponce De Leon before it was converted into a college.

Yes, more of the ceiling! All of the detailing was so beautiful, its what you would expect to find at the Louvre.

219 steps up to the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse

We got to tour the house where the Coast Guards lived.  They had uniforms and other items that the coast guards had around the house.

The colorful St. George Street in historic downtown filled with boutiques and delicious places to eat.  Trust me, we ate alot and it was all delicious!

The Hyppo is a must eat!  This gourmet popsicles shop is truly original and carries some unexpected flavors.  I had the Elvis Presley, you’ll have to visit to taste what’s in it.

I was so busy taking pictures of the popsicles that mine was starting to drip…Photo again by Samantha.

We came across the St. Augustine Paper Co. which my friends didn’t allow me to go in – which is good because I would have tried to buy the entire store.  But I was allowed to window shop!

I was caught of guard by this dress made of paper, so cool.  Also, our hotel served Starbucks, who can resist…

Speaking of our Hotel the Courtyard by Marroitt St. Augustine, I had to share these awesome cafe booths complete with your own TV!