Wedding Styled Shoot: Downtown Bridal


IT ALL STARTED WITH MY HAIR.   Johnene and Jenna are both stylists at the Touch Aveda Salon & Spa, where I’ve been getting my hair done with Johnene for a while now.  After talking with Johnene about my photography, while she snipped away at my hair, we decided it would be fun to get together and show off her hair design skills.  They both agreed to model and with some borrowed dresses, we hit the streets of Downtown Tampa.  First stop, was outside the beautiful Sacred Heart Church, it’s like finding a diamond in a pile of steel.  If you’ve never been to Downtown, its a total surprise to see this church in the middle of high rises.  We also went to another of Tampa’s historic sites, the University of Tampa, where I could shoot everyday.

Thanks so much Johnene and Jenna for being amazing pretend brides!! Anyone looking for great stylists, definitely ask for them at the salon.

See this photoshoot in the Behind the Shoot Video, filmed by my sister Liana on my YouTube page.  (please excuse my not-so-cute french braid that I did on myself and will not attempt to do again!)





While I was capturing them getting ready, I didn’t notice until editing, the adorable hair tools shower curtain…

We started at the Sacred Heart Church in the middle of the, super bright sun, not the ideal lighting location.  But as Tim Gunn says all the time “make it work”, so I found pockets of shade in front of the doors and I love the contrast of the marble and wood doors.

Jenna, just stunning…..everyone will think your a model!

I love the architecture of the University of Tampa, it makes Johnene look transported to another time.

Besides having beautiful architecture outside, the inside has just as much charm.  I love Jenna in the leather studded chair, this is my fashion side coming out!

I loved the light pouring in from this window…

Johnene, you look gorgeous….

I love this, reminds me of flapper girl of the 20’s,30’s…

Okay, stunning eyes…no photoshop was done on those!

Love this…